…The earnest prayer of a righteous man has great power and wonderful results. ~ James 5:16          

Our Roots

In 1846, a group of North Sewickley Township citizens received Presbytery permission to organize a church. For over a year – winter and summer – the members gathered for worship beneath a huge oak tree.  The following spring, the members cleared the property and constructed the first church. 

In 1847, at a cost of $700, the members built a school. In 1850, the church received an academy charter, and the school became known as the North Sewickley Academy. The addition of a large house on the property allowed for students to board while attending the academy and provided a home for the pastor. After the Civil War, the house also provided a home for war orphans while they attended school. The school closed in 1873 and in 1916 the building was razed to allow for the construction of a manse.


Over the next 64 years, the congregation was able to make many improvements, including stained glass windows, a new pulpit, a vestibule, a new roof, a new metal ceiling, a new floor and carpeting, and a new entrance. By constructing a basement under the rear of the original church in 1934, the members acquired a furnace, a kitchen and Sunday School rooms. In 1937, the members erected a belfry for ringing of a bell that announced the beginning of worship time. The original bell now stands on the lawn adjacent to the current church.

By 1959, the facilities of the original building were no longer adequate.  A pledge drive in March of 1960 yielded a commitment from the members of $33,000.  The current property of 8.33 acres was purchased and on August 8, 1960 a congregational meeting resulted in a decision to construct a new church at an estimated cost of $105,000.  The building was completed in 1963 and was dedicated on March 14th of that year. By November 30, 1974, the mortgage had been paid in full.

In August 1977, North Sewickley Presbyterian broke ground and completed the construction of a manse on the church property.

The members of the North Sewickley Presbyterian Church currently worship in the second church built by its members.  If you proceed down Chapel Drive, you will see a cemetery on the right. The original church building was located on the grounds of the cemetery.

Members of the North Sewickley Presbyterian Church have been served by many pastors over the years. In the Calvin Room of the educational wing, you will find portraits of many of those spiritual leaders who gave comfort, guidance, and direction. 

North Sewickley Presbyterian Church members are proud of their heritage and thankful to that small group worshiping under an oak tree and to God for bringing their vision to fruition.